Nontoxic Plant Plasma fertilisers Benefits

When we developed our first products in the 1980s, we made a commitment to provide farmers and growers with 4 key benefits they could always rely on.


In addition to being nontoxic for people, animals and the environment, we believe Plant Plasma fertilisers go beyond safety. They actually improve the soil’s structure and micro-life, for the ongoing health of farm eco-systems.


We understand the high cost of farming today.  As the cost of farm inputs steadily increase, we maintain a competitive advantage. This allows our customers to invest in both their current and future farm production, as well as better soil quality and stock health.  This reduces input costs in other areas of the farm and increases positive returns.


Our nutrient rich, organic based fertilisers are an effective foliar feed – absorbed by plants through both leaves and roots. They also make nutrients quickly bioavailable to plants and animals.


Plant Plasma is easily applied by standard spray equipment by land or air. It’s also filtered to 250 microns, so fertilisers won’t clog equipment. Our Megimmune animal nutrition is palatable and fits normal drenching schedules.