Plasma Biotec PhilosopyWe are dedicated to providing nutrition for soil, plants and animals that improves resistance to disease, reduces the quantity and number of chemicals needed on farms and improves the livelihoods of New Zealand farmers and horticulturalists.

People are increasingly asking where their food comes from – choosing to support more ethical food production practices. Our original, organic-based formula has been refined over many years, in tandem with this growing consumer awareness.

In developing our products, we’ve applied our knowledge of plant and animal health. We’ve also considered how farmers and horticulturalists work – particularly their time constraints, equipment and budgets. We are determined to continue our research and development, so we can best support New Zealand farmers and growers in the future.

Two phrases that are becoming prominent in the primary production sector these days are “Sustainability” and “Regenerative Agriculture”.  We have been practising these for over 40 years.