animal nutrition supplement products risk management

Safety in the food chain is of vital importance. We only have to look at recent events overseas to see what can happen when standards fail to be met (or are not enforced).

At Plasma Biotec we have always maintained very stringent quality standards in all our products. Initially this was for our Plant Plasma fertiliser products and involved Registration under the Official Assurances Programme, administered by the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) – now Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

With the introduction of the Megimmune® range of animal nutrition supplement products to our catalogue our registration was upgraded to a formal Risk Management Programme (RMP), also administered and audited by NZFSA/MPI. The registration is under the Animal Products Act 1999 and the audit process is a regular and thorough inspection to ensure full compliance in manufacturing practices, product control, packaging, all inputs and product safety. Our unique identifier under this Registration is PBSL2 and covers all our products, both fertilisers and nutrition supplements.

This, along with adherence to our proven formulations, ensures that you receive products that are safe for inclusion in the food chain.

Does your current supplier have the same assurances in place?