Plasma Biotec Solutions Ltd is the exclusive agent in New Zealand for the highly regarded Unitech Scientific range of enzymatic tests kits manufactured in California for the wine laboratory.  Easy to use, the range covers all of the routine enzymatic based analyses normally performed in the wine laboratory. We offer an overnight service to almost all wineries in New Zealand via NZ Couriers.  Call us now for L-Malic Acid, Acetic Acid, Glucose/Fructose, Ammonia and Primary Amino Acid Nitrogen plus many others in size options of 30, 75 and 250 tests.

Unitech Scientific Enzymatic Test Kit

We also represent the Chemwell range of Discrete Autoanalysers including the much acclaimed “Chemwell T for Wine”  and “Chemwell for Wine Model 2915”.

These analysers are of high quality, designed and manufactured in USA by Awareness Technology and are well proven in the field over many years.

The Chemwell T for Wine is capable of running up to 100 analyses per hour while the Chemwell for Wine Model 2915 can perform up to 200 analyses per hour. Accuracy, precision and repeatability is of a high standard making these instruments ideal for use in laboratories requiring the exacting standards of Export Certification of Wine.

The Chemwell T for Wine comes equipped with on board reagent cooling while the Chemwell for Wine Model 2915 has reagent cooling as an optional extra.

Chemwell T for Wine

The reagents found in Unitech Scientific’s enzymatic test kits can be used directly with any of these analysers with the added advantage that many more tests can be performed per kit than is possible when used manually by up to 10 times. So a 30 test kit could perform as many as 300 analyses making huge savings in test kit costs a reality.